Watch: Reducing Car Travel Webinar

On Thursday 28 April 2022, we hosted a webinar in partnership with Transport Scotland about the Scottish Government’s strategy to reduce car kilometres, and the needs of disabled people in supporting a national reduction in car travel.

In January 2022, Transport Scotland published a draft route map to achieve a 20% reduction in car kilometres by 2030. The route map features four key behaviours that Transport Scotland want everyone in Scotland to consider when planning journeys:

  • make use of online options to reduce your need to travel;
  • choose local destinations to reduce the distance you travel;
  • switch to walking, wheeling, cycling or public transport where possible; and
  • combine a trip or share a journey to reduce the number of individual car trips you make, if car remains the only feasible option.

During the webinar, attendees shared their thoughts on the strategy and discussed the barriers that disabled people face in following these behaviours to reduce their car travel, including inaccessible public transport and environments. The findings from our discussions will feed into Transport Scotland’s public consultation for the route map.

The webinar was supported by captioning, as well as British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters.

Watch the webinar on our YouTube channel: