News: Disability Equality Scotland Poll Highlights Support for Hate Crime Charter

In the latest poll by Disability Equality Scotland, 92% (106 respondents) supported the introduction of a Hate Crime Charter on public transport.

Disability Equality Scotland lead a Working Group to take forward the Hate Crime Charter project. The aim of the project is to create a recognised system to encourage transport providers, members of the public and other services to support a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime.

Each week Disability Equality Scotland send out a poll question to their members on a topical issue. For the week beginning 14 October 2019, the following question was posed:

“Would a Hate Crime Charter make you feel more confident and safer to travel on public transport?”

A total of 115 members responded to the question, with 92% (106 respondents) answering ‘Yes’, as they agreed with the introduction of a Charter to help tackle hate crime on public transport.


Members who completed the poll also had the opportunity to leave a comment. The comments highlight the importance of the Charter to enabling all citizens to travel, free from bullying and harassment:

“Has to be supported with transport staff involvement and presence.”

“Can a public awareness campaign be used to raise awareness and let people know what is unacceptable and what the penalties are for hate crime?”

“Trains and stations need to be staffed to give people confidence that someone is there to help.”

“I was verbally abused by two people on the bus for using the wheelchair space in my chair and the bus driver heard this and did nothing. Drivers need to be trained to step in and help and stop people verbally abusing disabled people because we are an easy target.”

To view the Hate Crime Charter, visit the Accessible Travel Hub.

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