Hidden Disabilities Lanyard Scheme Launched At Inverness Airport

Sunflower lanyard

Inverness Airport have joined a UK-wide scheme to ensure that  customers who have hidden disabilities are given any support and assistance they may require.  The scheme uses lanyards printed with sunflowers on a green background to discretely identify customers who may need a bit of additional help or understanding.

Customers wearing the lanyards may need no additional help, but staff will be aware that the wearer has hidden disabilities which might make transitting through the airport more difficult.  If the customer appears to need any help the lanyard will ensure that staff are aware that the customer has additional needs.

In addition, where customers find the airport experience stressful, for example something which may occur for those on the autistic spectrum, staff will have a greater understanding of why certain behaviours may be exhibited. This will allow appropriate and discrete assistance to be given, or help to be requested as necessary.

Over the coming months training will be offered to staff to increase awareness of hidden disabilities and to ensure that customers receive all the help they need.  Any trained staff will be given a lapel badge or ribbon as they prefer to show that they have had training and can be approached for help if needed.

Eventually,  we are aiming to have all customer facing staff – from the airport and our partners – to achieve a level of awareness of hidden disabilities.

The lanyards will be given to customers on request.  To obtain yours, please ask at the Airport Information Desk, or contact infoINV@hial.co.uk or 01667 464000.