Calmac Making Connections Adrossan

Calmac Making Connections Adrossan

Many journeys rely on us changing from one type of transport to another, navigating the spaces between services, where one ‘stops’ and another ‘starts’. But even short transfers have potential barriers – crossing a busy street, poor lighting, difficulty finding a place to sit down and rest.

But who’s responsible for the quality and accessibility of the connection? And what’s the best way for everyone concerned to work together to improve it?

‘Making Connections’ will bring disabled people together with transport operator staff and other professionals to experience and assess journey connections between rail and ferry services. We’re inviting disabled people to join the project, to come on journeys with us, describe and record the real challenges of making connections and work with transport providers to develop improvements to make travel easier for everyone.

At this workshop we’ll share our experiences of making connections and plan the project together.

We will then:

  • Take a journey together on 18th March – Recording your experiences of making the connection from Ardrossan rail station to CalMac’s ferry terminal
  • Hold a design workshop (in May 2019) where you’ll work with operator staff and designers to develop ideas for improving connections
  • Test out your ideas and write up the findings

If you’re a disabled person, family member or care partner, please join us at this event, become part of the project team, share your stories, skills and experience.

  • We will pay for your travel
  • The project team and operator staff will be involved throughout so we will support you at every step
  • We’ll say thank you with vouchers!

Date And Time

Fri, March 1, 2019

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM GMT

To register to attend, click the link below: