Blog: Lothian Buses

Lothian LogoWe are proud of how accessible our buses are for everyone and we invest in training for our driving team, in how to deliver an excellent customer experience.

All our vehicles comply fully with the Public Services Vehicles Accessibility Regulations 2000 (PSVAR), which in terms of the provision of a dedicated wheelchair space, requires that the length for the space should be a minimum of 1300mm.

Our new Enviro400XLB vehicles have increased capacity and are specifically designed to provide wider accessibility for our customers with mobility impairments. The 100 seat buses have a dedicated wheelchair space which is 397mm larger than the legally required minimum and is designed so that both wheelchairs and buggy users can co-exist in a shared space.

On our app that was designed in-house, we have a fully integrated mode within the app for passengers who are blind or partially sighted. It includes full voice-over support as well as next stop announcements.

We also work closely with local charities and organisations such as Whizz Kids, Guide Dogs Scotland and Royal National Institute of Blind People to ensure the best customer experience for everyone travelling on our services.

With approximately 2.3 million customer journeys taken on board our services each week, our aim is to deliver an excellent service for all.

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