Blog: CalMac Ferries

We are really pleased to be working with the National Autistic Society’s Largs branch on a project funded through the Ferry Accessibility Fund.

The project aims to help create autism friendly travel experiences onboard our ferries and will be achieved by:

  • Implementing story boards for both our major and minor fleet, which will prepare individuals for ferry travel

  • Providing bags on board vessels with sensory toys and ear defenders to reduce sensory overload

  • Supplying staff with information packs to assist them in supporting neurodiverse individuals

We are hopeful this will be rolled out by the end of the year.

Following the success of the Grace’s sign campaign by Grace Warnock, CalMac are proud to be one of the first companies to adopt Studio LR’s new ‘Any Disability Symbol’.

The new Any Disability symbol is an evolution of Grace’s campaign, which aims to provide a more accurate representation of the full range of people with various disabilities that use accessible toilets and other facilities.

Wayfinding and signage are currently being updated on our vessels and ports as part of a major refurbishment programme. This is a great opportunity to ensure we are being as inclusive as possible.

We will also be publishing our Assisted Travel Guide by September this year. This document will help customers better plan their travel and explains the support and assistance we are committed to delivering during their journey with us.