Disabled people recognise that more has to be done to ensure that accessible transport is part of the discussion when local and national government are making plans which may affect how disabled people travel.

The Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance was set up to ensure that accessible transport is recognised as a basic right of disabled people, and consists fully of volunteers, the majority of which are disabled.

This includes working not only for the provision of vehicles, vessels and rolling stock which are accessible but also for the provision of an integrated system of public transport, affordable services, accessible information and appropriate support services.

SATA works by enabling groups and individuals to share information about current developments in transport, as well as carrying out research and identifying gaps in provision. This allows SATA to press for changes to transport services.

Regular meetings are held where transport providers and users discuss policy and service issues and identify action to be taken.

If you are interested as an individual in becoming a member of SATA, visit the SATA website.

Or if you are a transport related organisation and would like to speak at one of their regular meetings, get in touch to speak to a SATA member.