As part of Transport Scotland’s work on the Accessible Travel Framework, disabled people from all across Scotland are invited to get involved with the 10 year process.   The two main ways of getting involved are:

Snapshot Surveys

Disability Equality Scotland will be sending out surveys to be completed by anyone with a disability who uses public transport.  We want to know of any changes you’ve noticed in you area, what’s still the same and what still needs to be addressed.  If you would like to be part of this, please subscribe  and we will send you out information when these surveys are launched.  Your opinion is vital to monitoring the progress of the Accessible Travel Framework, so please get in touch!

Long-term Evaluation Group

We are also looking for disabled people to part of a long-term evaluation group which will meet up once per year to discuss, year on year, how the Framework is progressing.

The group will meet in the same place each year, and we will reimburse travel – and in the case of members from remote areas of Scotland – accommodation expenses.

The information from this meeting will be fed back to the Accessible Travel Steering Group to inform Transport Scotland’s progress report on the Accessible Travel Framework.

We are primarily looking for members of the Access Panel Network, so if you are disabled and would like to get involved, why not consider becoming a member of your local Access Panel: Directory of Access Panels