Workshops – Exploring Disability and Public Transport (2 April 2019)

SEStran is working with five digital developers to produce a proof of concept journey planning application that will be designed specifically for disabled people. The aim is to develop an App that will provide relevant route information in a clear way, detailing information about which travel option to use, where to get on and off, providing information about what to do if lost, and enabling a carer to monitor where the person is and communicate with them.

As part of the Thistle Assistance program, SEStran is creating an opportunity for developers and passengers who require assistance to work together on early-stage ideas, to identify and understand in detail the barriers faced by disabled people when traveling and to use these to inform app design.

Our workshops will be facilitated by Andy Hyde from Go Upstream, a new enterprise that brings people with dementia together with service providers to build a better understanding of travel challenges and to develop solutions together.

On the day, we will:

  • Explore and share our everyday travel challenges
  • Compare existing approaches that we use to meet those challenges
  • Hear from developers about their app ideas
  • Work in small teams to test and shape the ideas in more detail

This will be a chance to shape ideas that are at an early stage, working directly with app developers to ensure that solutions truly meet the needs of passengers.

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