Watch Now: 20-minute Neighbourhoods Webinar

Disability Equality Scotland hosted a webinar about 20-minute neighbourhoods on Thursday 3 December. A 20-minute neighbourhood means having all your basic needs – shops, health centres, work opportunities, and recreation – within a mile of where you live and close enough to walk or wheel. Transport Scotland wanted to identify the impact (including potential challenges and benefits) of 20-minute neighbourhoods on disabled people.

The webinar was hosted by our Operations Manager, Emma Scott and we were joined by the following speakers who provided an overview of 20 Minute neighbourhoods and the potential impacts on disabled people:

  • Irene Beautyman, Planning for Place Programme Manager at the Improvement Service
  • David Cowan, Head of Regeneration Unit, Scottish Government Social Justice and Regeneration Division
  • Rhona Arthur, Interim Head of Service (Connected Communities), North Ayrshire Council
  • Kevin Murray, Professor of Planning at Glasgow and Dundee Universities.
  • David Hunter, Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland (MACS), Planning and Strategy Lead
  • Morven Brooks, Disability Equality Scotland CEO

Watch Now

You can watch the webinar in full on our YouTube channel. The webinar is supported by a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter and captions.