Update on Queen Street station redevelopment works

Queen Street station redevelopment worksIn mid-May we moved hoardings located on the concourse end of platform 2 (at the West George Street side of the station) a further four metres into the concourse area to allow the safe installation of new buffers to platforms 2 and 3 in advance of works to extend both platforms. With this work now complete, the hoardings have moved back to their previous position.

From the 17th to 30th June, the team will be working at the front of platforms 2 and 3 to uncover space beneath the concourse to enable 26 metre extensions to both platforms. This will enable longer carriage electric trains to use the station, delivering more seats and faster journeys for customers

A small island area within the concourse to the buffer end of platforms 2 and 3 will be cordoned off to allow this work to take place.

A small section of the gate line to the front of platforms 2 and 3 only, will be removed during this work.

Also, during this phase, additional access will be provided to the ‘Low Level’ station and Platform 1 via the Dundas Street side of the station -entering the station from here through the tunnel at Dundas Street and then turning left to take stairs to the ‘Low Level’.

Entry to the ‘Low Level’ will remain unchanged at North Hanover Street and also from North Hanover Street into the main station, where passengers will cross the concourse area and use the additional access on the Dundas Street side of the station.

From the 23rd June the male, female and disabled toilets and station waiting room will move from their current location at the east side of the station, to within the former North Hanover Street car park area.

On the 30th June the lost property and left luggage office with also relocate to North Hanover Street, where, along with the toilet facilities and waiting room, they will remain in this location until the overall completion of the station redevelopment in spring next year.

 From the 30th June to 29th July, platforms 2 and 3 will be out of use as our engineers focus on completing the platform extensions.

At this time, the Passenger Assistance Desk will move from its current position at the front of the gate-line near platforms 4 and 5 to the buffer end of the hoarding on platform 2.

Also at this time access to platforms 8 and 9 and platform 1 will be via the Dundas Street entrance – again, entering the station from here through the tunnel at Dundas Street and then turning left to take stairs to the Lower Level.

Throughout the works access for wheelchair users will not be impacted, as the lift to the Lower Level from platform 7 will remain in use throughout.

The majority of train services into the ‘High Level’ at Queen Street station will be unaffected during the month-long closure. However, there will be alterations to several including:

  • Glasgow Queen Street – Anniesland
  • Glasgow Queen Street – Edinburgh via Cumbernauld & Falkirk Grahamston
  • Glasgow Queen Street – Aberdeen
  • Glasgow Queen Street – Inverness

Full details of the changes to services during the closure can be found at:

https://www.scotrail.co.uk/plan-your-journey/glasgow-queen-street-redevelopment and also via the ScotRail app.

There is also ScotRail’s Free Assisted Travel Helpline – 0800 912 2901.

For people who are hard of hearing, there is ScotRail’s Assisted Travel Textphone: 18001 0800 912 2 901

We are encouraging customers to leave extra time for travel and plan journeys in advance.

Platforms 2 and 3 will reopen for Monday morning services on the 29th July.

From the 1st August until the 2nd September, during the Edinburgh Festival period, no significant work will take place within the main concourse. Work then starts on extending platforms four and five – we will provide an update in advance of this work commencing.

We are sharing information on this through the media and social media, with regular updates throughout via twitter @NetworkRailGQS. Information leaflets are also being distributed to passengers over the next two weeks (from 17th June).

When planning this work, we have worked closely with our ScotRail colleagues to minimise disruption and to put passengers first.

An audio version of this brief is attached with this email, along with a copy of the information leaflet and a map to show the layout of the station during the closure of platforms 2 and 3.

Should you have any questions or require any further information at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact me.