Survey: Strathclyde University – Safety and experience for those with reduced mobility while using buses

To all people who have ever found using the bus uncomfortable or even been injured from it, I would love to hear from you!

My name is Hannah and I’m a final year product design engineering student at Strathclyde University. For my master’s project, I am aiming to design a product to improve the safety and experience for those with reduced mobility while using buses. Public transport is essential in many people’s lives, especially those who do not drive, for giving them freedom to travel to work, visit friends and family, leisure and appointments. It is also more environmentally friendly as it reduces the number of cars on the road, leading to less air pollution. However, using the bus isn’t always easy for everyone as according to national statistics, around a fifth of people with a disability or impairment in the UK reported having difficulties with public transport, and around 800 elderly people fall on buses every day. I found from personal experience that it can be tricky to get to your seat and out of it while the bus is still moving.

For my research it would be a great help to hear from bus users. I have a short anonymous survey with multiple choice questions about how often you use the bus, which kind of mobility issue you have, and which stages and factors involved cause you difficulty.

I am also looking for people with stories about using buses to interview in the next few weeks for a more detailed insight into the issues. The interview can either be in person or online at any time or day which suits you. Please contact me by email at:

Thanks for reading!