News: Queen Street Station Redevelopment Update

Queen Street station  extended platforms

Kim McGuire of Network Rail provides an update on the Queen Street Station Redevelopment work.

Following on from previous updates on the exciting redevelopment of Glasgow Queen Street station, I wanted to advise you on the successful completion of work to extend platforms 2 and 3.

As part of the £120 million project to redevelop Scotland’s third-busiest station, platforms 2 and 3 were closed on June 30 to allow Network Rail to safely undertake a four-week programme to extend both platforms by 26 metres.

The completion of this element also marks a key milestone, as the platform extensions are critical to enabling longer electric trains to use Queen Street station, delivering more seats and faster journey times for customers.

A news release highlighting the platform work is available via

We also wanted to advise you on layout changes to the concourse. During the platform works, access to the ‘Low Level’ station and Platform 1 was provided via a temporary entrance at the Dundas Street side of the station. With platforms 2 and 3 now reopened, access to the ‘Low Level’ and Platform 1 has reverted back to being available via Platform 1.  Access to the ‘Low Level’ remains unchanged at North Hanover Street.

The Passenger Assist Desk has been relocated from the North Hanover Street side of the station. If you enter the station from Dundas Street and through the tunnel, the Passenger Assist Desk is now located to the right-hand corner just inside the station. Towards the end of this week, the Customer Information Screens will move further to the right of their current location at the North Hanover Street side

In addition to the platform extensions, the current phase of activity includes the installation of the new glass façade at the West George Street side of the station. From now until September, 310 glass panes will be installed across the 21-metre-high structure to create the new striking frontage of the station.

Once the glazing is finished, the next phase of activity will involve extension works to platforms 4 and 5, with a further update provided in advance of this work starting.

Should you have questions or require any further information at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Update 31/07/2019

Within the recent update on the redevelopment of Glasgow Queen Street station issued on Monday, 29th July, we advised the Passenger Assist Desk had been relocated from the North Hanover Street side of the station to the Dundas Street side.

I have been advised that the Passenger Assistance Desk has now been re-located to the front of the gateline to platforms 2 and 3. It will remain in this location until work starts on platforms 4/5 and we will provide a further update on any changes to the concourse layout in advance of this work starting.