News: Queen Street Station Redevelopment Update

platforms 4 and 5

Following on from previous updates on the exciting redevelopment of Glasgow Queen Street station, the lengthening of platforms 4 and 5  has been completed nearly 24-hours ahead of schedule, with the new infrastructure entering into service this morning (14 October) as planned.

As part of the £120m project to redevelop Scotland’s third-busiest station, platforms 4 and 5 were closed on 16 September to allow Network Rail to safely undertake a four-week programme to extend both platforms by 26 metres.

The completion of this element follows the extension of platforms 2 and 3 earlier this summer. This marks a significant milestone on the project, as all track and overhead electrification works being delivered as part of the station redevelopment are now complete.

Extending the platforms allows longer electric trains to use the station, meaning more seats for passengers.

Starting from this week (14 October), platforms 8 and 9 will each have their own separate point of entry/exit. 

Platform 8 will be accessed via the existing fire doors to the left of the top of the stairs to/from Platform 8, leading on to Platform 2.

Platform 9 will be accessed via a new entrance to the right of the top of the stairs to/from Platform 9, leading out to the end of Platform 1 and on to Platform 2.

Also from this week, the excess tickets booths on platforms 2 and 7 will move back to platforms 3 and 4.

Once finished in spring 2020, the Queen Street redevelopment will revitalise the station, delivering a contemporary building with an expanded concourse almost double the size of the old station, with fully-accessible entrances on Dundas Street and George Square.