Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station – Taxi Access


Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station - Taxi Access

Edinburgh Access Panel have been working on issues around access at Waverley Station for many years.

Recently they had a meeting with Miles Briggs MSP, who has launched a petition with a view to getting taxis allowed back into Waverley after they were banned from the station in 2014. The reason why this is important is that, at the moment, the journey for disabled passengers from taxi to train and from train to taxi is a severe challenge. Taxi drop-off and pick-up are in a variety of places outside the station, entailing an arduous (and sometimes hazardous) obstacle, especially for people with mobility issues or a vision impairment. Waverley is a very large, old, higgledy-piggledy structure which is hard to navigate even for people without disabilities. And the streets round about where taxis pick you up and drop you off are busy and narrow.

Members of Edinburgh Access Panel have signed the petition. What they want to do also is reach out to disabled people across Scotland, since many of them will make occasional visits to Edinburgh and will arrive at Waverley.

If you would like to find out more about the petition, or if you want to sign the pettion, please click on the link below.