Disabled man wins UK Supreme Court case

A disabled man has won a Supreme Court case after a dispute with a woman with a buggy over wheelchair space on a bus.

The case began when Mr Paulley attempted to board a FirstGroup-operated bus but was left at the bus stop after a woman with a sleeping baby in a pram refused to move from the wheelchair area.

The ruling means that bus drivers will have to do more to ensure wheelchair users can get on buses, by pressuring non-wheelchair users to move from the designated wheelchair space.

The court ruled that bus operator FirstGroup’s policy of requiring a driver to simply request a non-wheelchair user to vacate the space without taking any further steps was unjustified.

Lord Neuberger, the Supreme Court’s president, said that if non-wheelchair user’s unreasonably refused the request, the driver should consider further action to pressure the non-wheelchair user to vacate the space, depending on the circumstances.

Following the decision, wheelchair user Doug Paulley, who brought the case, said he was “absolutely delighted” and that the judgement marked “a significant cultural change”.