News: Communication with Transport Providers in Scotland – Report Published

We are delighted to be launching our summary report on the four-part weekly poll series we conducted in October and November 2022! This series of questions focused on experiences of communication with transport providers in a variety of forms and across all key modes of transport, including bus, rail, and ferries.

The key forms of communication that the series focused on were access to information, points of contact with transport providers, formats of inclusive communication being provided, and experiences with consultation and coproduction.

This report was an opportunity to highlight current lived experiences relating to communication with transport providers in Scotland, and the information from this report alongside data from previous Weekly Polls will be used to inform the work being done in the Accessible Travel Framework evaluation research project that Disability Equality Scotland is currently working on with Transport Scotland.

Thank you to everyone who responded to any questions in the series, it was incredibly helpful to hear from so many members about their experiences.

You can download the report int the following formats:

Please contact us if you required an alternative format.