Access to Stirling Railway Station

Platform 6/9 footbridge

The planning application proposing to convert the existing lattice footbridge on platforms 6/9 into a fully accessible structure has been approved by Stirling Council, subject to conditions which include the reuse of sandstone and handrails on the platform 9/10 stairs reconstruction.

The footbridge will be closed from mid-August while engineers prepare the structure for removal and a temporary footbridge will be in use for passengers from this time.

The lattice footbridge will be removed for refurbishment and then reinstalled higher above the rails to enable the line underneath to be electrified. It will also be converted into a fully accessible structure with the installation of a new lift on platform nine.

The overall project will include:

  • Refurbishing and raising the footbridge for overhead wires to be installed
  • Alterations to the roof canopy
  • Installation of a lift on platform nine to provide step-free access
  • Reconstruction of the staircase on platform nine
  • Alterations to the internal landing areas between the footbridge and the existing lift on platform three.

The temporary, stepped footbridge – which is higher than the existing bridge so overhead power lines can be strung underneath – will be in use for around six months while the repairs and modifications take place.  A crane will be required to lift the existing bridge out and to lift the new bridge in.

The exact dates of the closure of the bridge are currently being finalised.  Details on the dates and timings of the bridge reinstatement will be communicated to nearby residents and station users closer to the time.

Platform 2/3 footbridge

The internal and external repainting is progressing. Following completion, a scaffold access will be installed to the roof to make the permanent connections at each end of the footbridge to the station building. Once this is complete, the permanent steps and ramps to the lifts will be installed.