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An Aberdeen therapet dog

At Aberdeen International Airport we want to ensure that our customers have equal access to services and to the opportunities that air travel brings. All passengers should have the confidence to fly and we want to remove barriers for people with reduced mobility and those with additional needs, including those that are not visible. We aim to provide assistance that is appropriate to the needs of the individual passenger and treat all with respect and dignity. 

We can offer a familiarisation tour of the airport prior to the day of travel if anyone is unsure or apprehensive about the airport environment.  We can provide a lanyard or card to anyone with hidden disabilities that will allow our staff to discreetly recognise that assistance might be required and if needed to adapt the normal processes to take this into account.  

We ask that, where possible, assistance is requested at the time of booking.  This will help us to ensure that we are ready to provide assistance for you that meets your needs when you arrive at the airport.

If you require further information or have any questions, you can find detailed information on our website including a series of short videos that explain the assistance process:

Our newest recruits are the Canine Crew, a team of 14 therapet dogs that are registered with Canine Concern Scotland Trust.  The team has been brought in to de-stress passengers and bring a smile to people’s faces. Find out more;