The Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF) is a membership led organisation which works to promote access, equality and inclusion across Scotland for disabled people.  The organisation seeks to achieve this through facilitating disabled people’s engagement and participation on local and national disability issues.  SDEF also works with national and government bodies and other third sector partners to ensure that the rights, views and wishes of disabled people are reflected in the decision-making processes which affect them.

Accessible Travel Framework

Transport Scotland commissioned SDEF to deliver engagement events across Scotland in partnership with Access Panels. The aim of these events was to discuss with disabled people the draft Vision, Outcomes and Key Actions of the Accessible Travel Framework. The feedback from attendees on the concept of the Accessible Travel Framework was very positive.  It was particularly welcomed that the Plan was felt to be realistic in its timescales and rather than promising much across many areas, focused instead on specific actions, with the progress of each being monitored in conjunction with disabled people through planned short surveys and progress evaluation groups.

The report of this engagement process can be accessed below:

For more information, including how to become a member, please visit the SDEF website.