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Glasgow Queen Street Railway Station – Changes to Dundas Street entrance

Written on: 16th March, 2018. Written by: James Davidson.

From Sunday 18 March until mid-May, the current entrance to the high-level from Dundas Street will be moved further up the street closer to the Glasgow Subway and low-level entrance. This is to allow for the latest phase of work on the demolition of Consort House.

The new temporary entrance will take customers to the high-level via a walk-way running through the old WH Smith unit. This will take passengers out onto the main high-level concourse.

We are advising customers to consider using the North Hanover Street entrance to access high-level services, and are encouraging people to leave extra time for travelling to and from the station as there may be some congestion.

The passenger assist counter will also move to the main concourse on the station high-level. Customers requiring assistance should report to that counter.

You can see the changes that are being made with the attached graphic, which we have shared on social media. Click on the following link for a video outlining the changes

Changes to Dundas Street entrance – Glasgow Queen Street station from NetworkRailScot on Vimeo.

Customers travelling on low-level services will continue to enter and exit via Dundas Street and North Hanover Street.

The new Passenger Assist counter will therefore be moving onto the main concourse and we will still continue to provide accompanied assistance to and from taxis and trains.


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